Vikor Scientific and Sanford Guide Announce Product Integration

Sperryville, VA – Vikor Scientific™ and Sanford Guide® announce the release of a new integrated product that combines advanced molecular diagnostics with industry-leading infectious disease treatment guidelines. This new offering provides clinicians access to the most advanced molecular technology to accurately and efficiently detect pathogens, identify antibiotic resistance markers, and receive live data feeds on regional antibiotic sensitivity and susceptibility patterns. The strategic collaboration between Vikor Scientific and Sanford Guide aims to combat the global epidemic of antibiotic resistance through the use of advanced genomic testing and trusted treatment guidelines to enable patient-specific treatment plans.

Vikor Scientific’s ABXAssist™, an intelligent, molecular diagnostic solution, assists the clinician in forming a cost-sensitive treatment plan for patients within 24 hours of sample arrival at the lab. Vikor Scientific has the ability to test for over 125 pathogens and to identify 30 resistance gene markers, the most comprehensive resistance gene testing panel on the commercial market today. By integrating these results with trusted Sanford Guide treatment guidelines and narrow-spectrum antibiotic recommendations, Vikor Scientific and Sanford Guide provide clinicians with the information they need to optimize patient care.

ABXAssist can be accessed from any mobile device, web-portal, or EHR, and is seamlessly integrated with Sanford Guide content to allow clinicians ease in accessing the most relevant guidance when creating a plan for treatment. Sanford Guide content is updated on an ongoing basis to provide clinicians with expert recommendations based on the latest available evidence.

About Vikor Scientific
Vikor Scientific is a molecular diagnostics company in Charleston, SC, focused on delivering test results that improve clinical and economic outcomes. Vikor Scientific believes the success of an Antibiotic Stewardship program is multi-faceted and begins with having access to the most rapid and accurate diagnostics.

About Sanford Guide
Since 1969, Sanford Guide has been a leader in point-of-care recommendations for the treatment of infectious diseases. Widely used by pharmacists, physicians, physician assistants, and nurses, Sanford Guide helps to improve patient care by providing carefully curated recommendations based on the latest evidence. Sanford Guide takes pride in responsiveness to customers, the development of innovative solutions, and providing content that is unparalleled in quality and clinical applicability.