Sanford Guide Announces Integration with MD Labs

Sanford Guide and MD Labs

Sperryville, VA – Sanford Guide® announces the availability of its industry-leading infectious diseases guidelines through MD Labs® Results Reports. This new integration, facilitated by Sanford Guide’s content delivery API, links to pertinent Sanford Guide content directly from the report to help guide appropriate antimicrobial selection and dosing. “Interpreting lab results within the context of a given therapeutic scenario can be a challenge. Pairing Sanford Guide content with MD Labs’ succinct reports in an interactive and continuously updated format will help clinicians make the right decisions for their patients,” noted Sanford Guide vice president Scott Kelly.

MD Labs, an industry leader in clinical diagnostic testing and reporting, delivers Results Reports with interactive Sanford Guide content through its online client portal. Providing services in the areas of clinical toxicology, pharmacogenetics, and molecular diagnostics, MD Labs was founded with the goal of creating a more provider-friendly testing service that prides itself on delivering prompt, accurate, reliable, and easy to understand results. Integration of Sanford Guide content into Results Reports furthers this mission by providing clinicians with actionable guidance on how to act upon test results.

Since releasing its content delivery API in 2017, Sanford Guide content has been made available to tens of thousands of practitioners directly within their clinical surveillance and laboratory information systems. Providing information that is accessible, concise, and reliable, Sanford Guide’s API saves valuable time by providing information that is integrated seamlessly within the clinical workflow. The API furthers Sanford Guide’s mission by reducing time-to-answer and providing guidance when it is needed most.

About MD Labs
MD Labs was founded in 2011 with the goal bringing new technologies to the laboratory space and serving physicians across the United States. Constantly adding services based on new technologies, Physician requests and pharmacotherapeutic trends allows us to provide quick, accurate, and cost-effective labwork while enhancing overall patient care.

About Sanford Guide
Since 1969, Sanford Guide has been a leader in point-of-care recommendations for the treatment of infectious diseases. Widely used by pharmacists, physicians, physician assistants, and nurses, Sanford Guide helps to improve patient care by providing carefully curated recommendations based on the latest evidence. Sanford Guide takes pride in responsiveness to customers, the development of innovative solutions, and providing content that is unparalleled in quality and clinical applicability.