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All New App Versions Coming Summer 2014

All new versions of the Sanford Guide Apps are coming in summer 2014. The current App (Gold App icon) will be replaced by three (3) separate Apps: Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy ($29.99/yr), Sanford Guide to HIV/AIDS Therapy ($29.99/yr), and Sanford Guide to Hepatitis Therapy ($9.99/yr).

The new Apps will feature Full Text Search, numerous user interface enhancements, faster launch and access to content and simplified purchase and account management. Content will be updated once a month as with the current Apps. Subscriptions will be for one year.

Important Notice to Current Sanford Guide App Paid Subscribers

The current In-App subscription model (Gold App Icon) will be retired when the new Apps are released and no longer available for download from that time. Existing subscriptions will continue to receive content updates for the remainder of the subscription period, but will not renew and features found in the new Apps will not be supported.

Antimicrobial Therapy 2014

The Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy (44th edition) is available in the classic pocket-sized edition, as well as larger print spiral-bound and library editions.

Robert C. Moellering, Jr., MD (1936-2014)

Bob Moellering joined the Sanford Guide as an editor in 1996. His first Guide Review meeting was Jay Sanford’s last. Bob, together with Merle Sande and Dave Gilbert became the core of our editorial group. His lifetime commitment to understanding the mechanisms of action of antibacterial agents contributed significantly to our knowledge of today’s resistance issues. His primary sections of the print editions of the Sanford Guide: Recommended Agents Against Selected Bacteria (Table 2); Comparison of Antibacterial Spectra (Table 4); and Treatment Options for Resistant Bacteria (Table 5) represent a most succinct summary of Bob’s tireless hours in the lab, on the wards and in the library. We are fortunate to have had Bob Moellering as a colleague, mentor and friend over the last 18 years. His contributions and comradeship were incomparable; we shall miss him dearly.

HIV/AIDS and Viral Hepatitis 2014

The Sanford Guide to HIV/AIDS and Viral Hepatitis Therapy (22nd edition) is available in the classic pocket-sized edition and a larger print library edition.

Chinese Edition

The Chinese edition of the Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy (43rd edition) has been published by Peking Union Medical College Press in Beijing. This edition is the 10th Chinese edition of the Sanford Guide. Congratulations to our colleagues in Beijing on this new edition.

Lederman's Internal Medicine & Critical Care Pocketguide

We are pleased to announce that Lederman's Internal Medicine and Critical Care Pocketguide is now published by the Sanford Guide. This concise "head of the bed" reference covers a wide variety of common internal medicine and critical care emergencies.The 5th edition is available from our web store.

We have completely redesigned Browse the drop-down menus and enjoy the clean, new look of the site.

ID Update

We have added a new feature to the Sanford Guide Web Edition called ID Update. ID Update is a monthly infectious diseases news summary drawn from recent published literature. ID Update highlights new or updated practice guidelines, recent clinical trials reports and reviews, drug safety notices, new drug approvals, other drug development news, as well as what is newly updated in the Sanford Guide digital editions.

EACS Guidelines Digital Editions

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with the European AIDS Clinical Society (EACS) to develop entirely new digital adaptations of the EACS Guidelines for care and treatment of persons with HIV/AIDS and related conditions. Launched at the 14th European AIDS Conference in Brussels in October and now available are mobile device applications for Apple and Android devices and a web edition. Apps may be purchased from the App Store or Google Play Store. The EACS Web Edition may be purchased from the store.

Japanese Edition

The 2013 Japanese edition of the Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy was published under license by Life Science Publishing in Tokyo. This edition marks 13 years of successful collaboration with Life Science Publishing, which celebrated its 40th anniversary this year. Congratulations to our colleagues in Tokyo on this business milestone.

Russian Edition

The first new Russian edition of the Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy since 1994 has been published under license by Granat Publishing in Moscow. The first printing sold out in record time. The new edition is available in bookstores in Russia. Coming in 2014 is the first Russian edition of the Sanford Guide to HIV/AIDS Therapy.

Brazilian Edition

The 2013 Portuguese edition of the Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy for Brazil was published by Grupo Editorial Nacional in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Polish Edition

The Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy 2014 Polish edition is available. This is the 7th Polish edition. See for details.

Sanford Guide Forum in Japan

Antimicrobial Therapy, Inc., in cooperation with the Japan Infectious Diseases Society, convened the first Sanford Guide Forum in Japan as part of the International Congress of Chemotherapy (ICC) in Yokohama in June, 2013. The forum included sessions focused on problems of antimicrobial resistance: Japanese CDC resistance data from surveillance in Japan; treatment approaches specific to Japan; resistant gram-negative bacteria and treatment options utilizing old drugs like colistin and fosfomycin; and, current state of knowledge on treatment of resistant gram-positive bacteria, including MRSA.

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