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For over 50 years, Sanford Guide has been at the forefront of antimicrobial stewardship efforts, aiding prescribers in administering the right drug in the right dose at the right time. With innovative new tools, partnerships with public and private organizations, and integrations with other leaders in the field, we offer ever more powerful solutions that improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and aid in the stewardship of antimicrobial agents.

Which Drug for That Bug? - Webinar Replay

Did you miss our July 13 webinar with Sanford Guide editor Henry F. "Chip" Chambers, MD on our Spectra of Activity, colonization, contamination, and newly discovered pathogens? For a limited time, you can watch the recording here, after which time it will be available for viewing on the Sanford Guide YouTube channel.


We didn't have time to answer all of the questions submitted during the webinar, but have added responses to some of the most common questions to our Spectra of Activity Explained web page!

Let Sanford Guide take the hassle out of developing and managing your antimicrobial stewardship app!

Through our top-rated mobile and web platforms, institutions can:

 Display local antibiograms with interactive links.
• Display local guidelines on any Sanford Guide content page.
• Share files and guidelines for download or printing.

All without the need for support from your IT team!

AUC24 Dosing Calculator for Vancomycin

Sanford Guide is proud to have been among the first to release a reliable AUC24 Dosing Calculators to aid in the adoption of 2020 guidelines for the use of vancomycin in the treatment of Staph bacteremia, endocarditis and invasive infection. Our trapezoidal calculator uses two serum concentration levels to calculate AUC24, alerts clinicians to out-of-range values, and provides easy export to electronic health records via PDF or plain text.

Educational Resources for Antimicrobial Stewardship

Our team has been providing The Sanford Guide books and apps for decades, and is now pleased to offer several educational resources to help teach antimicrobial stewardship. You can access these resources here.