Vancomycin Calculator

Included with Sanford Guide All Access, Web Edition, Collection & Antimicrobial Therapy

Vancomycin Dosing Done Right

Available to hospitals and health systems as well as individual subscribers, the Sanford Guide AUC Dosing Calculator uses two serum concentration measurements to determine AUC24, the preferred method for vancomycin dosing for Staph bacteremia, endocarditis and invasive infection pursuant to guidelines published in May 2020.


Results are displayed with appropriate warnings for out-of-range values. Adjusting dose and interval for desired peak and trough levels is easy once the initial AUC24 is calculated.


Results can be output to the EHR in plain text or PDF format.

Vancomycin Dosing Calculator

How it Works

Enter Values

Enter starting values and click "Calculate" to determine current AUC24.

Vancomycin Values

View Results

Results are displayed, along with a warning if outside the target range.

Valcomycin Results

Enter New Dose

Enter your new dose, dosing interval, and duration of infusion and click "Calculate."

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Adjust or Export

Adjust your dose, show the math, or export results for import to your EHR.

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Paste Results into the EHR

Use Copy/Paste or PDF to associate your time-stamped result with a patient record.

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