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The Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy

The classic Sanford Guide is available in three sizes, with full-color spectra of activity for improved ease of use.

The Sanford Guide to HIV & Hepatitis Therapy

Providing practical guidance in the treatment of HIV and Hepatitis.  Coverage includes ARV drugs, resistance, therapy, and more. New edition coming in Spring 2019.

Lederman's Internal Medicine & Critical Care Pocketguide

This rapid reference guide includes a cornucopia of clinical information, useful for hospitalists, internists, critical care nurses, PAs, and trainees.

"I run a free clinic which is the Sanford Guide is invaluable - I use it every week!"

 - Patsy Thompson Leavitt, Executive Director, Leavitt's Mill Free Health Center, Bar Mills, ME

NOTICE: We urge you to use caution if ordering from We discovered that Amazon fulfilled many Sanford Guide orders with counterfeit books. We have set up a Seller account, "Sanford Guide Official," to help combat this problem. These books are pulled directly from our inventory, are shipped by our staff, and are guaranteed to be authentic. We cannot guarantee the authenticity of books sold on Amazon by other sellers, or by Amazon itself.

If you receive a book that is shrink-wrapped, has fuzzy print, covers that look a little off, or is missing the "Digital Solutions Available" sticker on the back cover, you likely received a counterfeit. Real Sanford Guides should also measure 4.375" x 6.5" x 0.4375". We do not stand behind the accuracy of these counterfeit materials, and advise against using them to aid in clinical decision-making.

If you receive a book you suspect is a counterfeit, please contact our customer service department and provide us with the name of the Amazon seller, your order number, and your date of order. If you are able to take a photo of the cover and an interior page and send them to us, this will also be helpful. We will provide you with a discount off a genuine Sanford Guide book. You can request a refund of counterfeit materials from Amazon, but we request that you write "COUNTERFEIT" on the cover so that it is not resold.