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Sanford Guide for Web Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to a few of our most frquently asked questions about Sanford Guide for Web. You can also view a 1-minute tutorial here.

Where do I log in?

If you have a subscription to Sanford Guide with Stewardship Assist, Sanford Guide All Access, or Sanford Guide for Web, you can log in at If you purchased a standalone subscription to the Sanford Guide Mobile app on our site or through the app, this does not include web access, but you can upgrade your subscription here.

How do I change my Sanford Guide password?

You can change your password at

My subscription is through my employer, but I am being asked to log in.

Some enterprise users must log in through their facility's Single Sign-On Solution, while others are authenticated in other ways. You can learn more here or check with your medical librarian or subscription manager to find out how your access is configured.

I have a subscription, but my credentials are not being accepted.

It is possible that your subscription has expired, and you may need to renew. While we send several e-mails as your subscription is nearing expiration, these sometimes end up in spam filters. Add "" to your white list or safe senders list to ensure that you receive these messages in the future. To renew your subscription, click here.

How does the Spectra of Activity work?

You can find detailed information about how to use our Spectra of Activity here.

I bought a book. Can I access Sanford Guide for Web?

New books include a free trial to Sanford Guide All Access. Look inside the back cover of your book for instructions.

What sort of EHR integration is available?

Sanford Guide for Web can be integrated into your EHR using our API or through certain third-party applications. Existing subscribers may contact us for details on how to set up your integration.

I have a content-related question.

The Sanford Guide prides itself on transparency and accessibility. If you have a question about our content, please send us a message!

My question isn't answered here.