Telehealth, SNF, & LTC

Telehealth providers, skilled nursing, and long-term care networks experience challenges unique to their growing fields. Supporting providers with varying degrees of expertise, maintaining a consistent standard of care across a broad geographic area, and ensuring that remote care lives up to the standards that patients deserve can be a challenge. At Sanford Guide, we're here to help.


The recent expansion of telehealth and eldercare has provided patients with greater flexibility to receive medical assistance in a manner that suits their needs. With this expansion comes the need for accurate, concise, and reliable clinical guidelines to ensure that they receive a high standard of care. Sanford Guide provides actionable infectious diseases treatment guidelines, accessible from any PC or mobile device, helping clinicians prescribe the right drug, in the right dose, for the right duration.


Leading hospital systems around the world rely on Sanford Guide to provide the latest guidance in the treatment of infectious diseases. With the aid of Sanford Guide's trusted clinical guidelines and technologies, distributed care networks can ensure that their prescribers are able to provide top-quality care to their patients.

Providing telehealth vendors with the opportunity to standardize care across their network, Stewardship Assist leverages Sanford Guide's leading mobile and web platforms to provide your antimicrobial stewardship messaging and antibiograms to your prescribers - wherever they are! Designed to allow leadership teams to update and deploy their guidelines in minutes, Stewardship Assist™ empowers telehealth networks to provide information that is convenient, current, and locally focused.

In a recent study, Stewardship Assist™ was shown to increase the adoption of local antimicrobial stewardship guidelines and the use of local antibiograms among medical residents. Contact our team to learn how we can help you improve AMS in your facility or care network.

Sanford Guide All Access

Providing unlimited access to concise, clinically actionable guidelines content via iPhone, iPad, Android, and the Web, All Access ensures you have the information you need wherever you are. Sanford Guide content includes comprehensive drug and pathogen information (updated daily), along with dosing calculators, interactive tables (pharmacology, pediatric & renal dosing, DDI, and more), and cloud-based bookmarks and notes.


Access is available via IP-authentication, Single Sign-On, or username/password authentication.

Sanford Guide Web Edition

The Sanford Guide Web Edition provides easy access to the full suite of infectious disease content from any computer with an internet connection. With system-wide access and analytics, off-site support via proxy, and optional bundling with our mobile apps, we're sure to have the ideal solution for your institution's infectious disease reference needs.

We offer access via IP-authentication, workstation/seat licensing, Single Sign-On, and username/password-based authentication.