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Thousands of facilities around the world rely on Sanford Guide to provide the latest guidance in the treatment of infectious diseases. Now, more than ever, clinicians have a need for accessible, concise, and reliable information designed for use at the point of care.


To address the specific needs of your organization, Sanford Guide offers a variety of enterprise solutions ranging from top-rated antimicrobial stewardship apps to real-time content delivery via API. Our clients include small community hospitals, regional health systems, and nation-wide networks, so we're skilled at developing solutions that meet the specific needs of your institution.

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Disseminating critical stewardship information to prescribers in a way that is convenient for them and simple for the stewardship team can be a challenge. With this in mind, we developed Stewardship Assist™, which leverages Sanford Guide's mobile and web platforms to provide stewardship messaging and antibiograms at the point of care. Designed to allow stewardship teams to update and deploy their recommendations in minutes, Stewardship Assist™ empowers stewardship programs to provide information that is convenient, current, and locally focused.

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We're excited to report that integration partner VigiLanz was once again designated Category Leader for Antimicrobial Stewardship, Infection Control and Monitoring, and Pharmacy Surveillance in the 2020 Best in KLAS Software and Services report. VigiLanz is leading the industry in improving medication safety, antimicrobial stewardship, infection prevention, quality and care management, and patient safety. 


VigiLanz clients have the ability to seamlessly integrate Sanford Guide clinical content into the VigiLanz workflow, and can share their antibiograms and local recommendations with prescribers using Sanford Guide with Stewardship Assist.

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Sanford Guide Web Edition

The Sanford Guide Web Edition provides easy access to the full suite of infectious disease content from any computer with an internet connection. With system-wide access and analytics, off-site support via EZProxy and other proxy servers, and optional bundling with our mobile apps, we're sure to have the ideal solution for your institution's infectious disease reference needs.

Web Edition

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Sanford Guide Apps

With the flexibility to subscribe to the full suite of Sanford Guide infectious disease content or to subscribe only to specific titles, we can find a solution that fits your budget and the specific needs of your institution. E-mail-authenticated and IP-authenticated site licenses are available, as are volume discounts on our individual subscriptions. Bundle your app subscriptions with the Sanford Guide Web Edition for additional savings.

Sanford Guide Collection

The full suite of Sanford Guide ID content, compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows 10 desktop devices.

Hepatitis Therapy

The field of hepatitis therapy is constantly changing, but it's easy to keep up with our app. Supported on iOS and Android.

Antimicrobial Therapy

Flagship Sanford Guide content optimized for use on mobile devices. Supported on iOS and Android.

HIV/AIDS Therapy

Coverage of antiretroviral therapy, HIV diagnosis, and opportunistic infections. For iOS and Android.

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