Mobile App Support

Mobile App Support

Sanford Guide Collection App

Help with the Sanford Guide app, included with Sanford Guide All Access and Sanford Guide with Stewardship Assist institutional licenses, and available for iOS and Android users.

Single-Title ID Apps

Help with our Antimicrobial Therapy, HIV/AIDS Therapy, or Hepatitis Therapy mobile apps, available through the Sanford Guide Online Store, Apple App Store, and Google Play.

Recent App Upgrades

We've merged all of our apps into one Sanford Guide app! Learn about the Fall 2021 app upgrades here.

Account Management and Passwords

All users are now eligible to use Sanford Guide Cloud to back up and sync bookmarks, notes, and preferences across devices. Manage your account here.

Haven't created your free Cloud account yet? Open the Antimicrobial Therapy app, tap the Account button, and then tap "Access Sanford Guide Cloud Account" to get started!