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Educational Resources for Antimicrobial Stewardship

You've come to rely on Sanford Guide for clinical guidance and software to facilitate antimicrobial stewardship, and now we'd like to help you implement best practices for antimicrobial stewardship. The Sanford Guide editorial board and staff are developing resources to make it easier both to teach antimicrobial stewardship principles and to help healthcare facilities understand how to apply antimicrobial stewardship principles in practice. Keep an eye on this page as we develop resources to help you train students and staff or learn how to comply with Joint Commission standards and how to apply antimicrobial stewardship guidelines to your practice. 

The resources linked from this page are freely available, and do not require a Sanford Guide digital subscription to access. All materials remain the intellectual property of Sanford Guide, but may be shared freely using hyperlinks to this page or direct links to the resources below.

Resources from Sanford Guide