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New Apps Released in 2021

We've made it easier to use Sanford Guide!

In 2021, Sanford Guide merged all of our mobile apps into a single "Sanford Guide" app. Subscribers now have access to core Sanford Guide content, including Antimicrobial Therapy, HIV/AIDS Therapy, and Hepatitis Therapy. These changes simplify the installation process, eliminate confusion, and enable our team to update the app with new features and functionality with greater speed than ever.

What has changed?

Many of our clients have had to switch between apps depending on what condition they are treating. We have merged all of our apps into a single app, "Sanford Guide," which contains Antimicrobial, Hepatitis, and HIV/AIDS Therapy information. 

How do I get the upgrade?

If you purchased your subscription after October of 2021, you're likely already using the new apps. Ensure that your app says "Sanford Guide" on both the icon and in the description text. If it says "Collection," "HIV/AIDS Therapy," "Antimicrobial," or "Hepatitis Therapy," download the new Sanford Guide app to upgrade.

  1. Sign in with your Sanford Guide Cloud account*
  2. Delete the old app from your device

* If you see an error message saying "License installations have been exhausted," log into your account at, select "Details" next to the app listing, and toggle "Enabled" to the "No" position for all your devices. This will free up installations for the new app.

How does renewal work?

Renewal works the same as before, except that if you renew through Sanford Guide, you'll receive your subscription for $34.99US, which is $5 off our retail price through Apple or Google.

What is Sanford Guide Cloud?

Sanford Guide Cloud is a free service that:

  • Allows you to view and manage your subscriptions
  • Allows you to manage your communications preferences
  • Allows you to sign in to the app from any device (iOS or Android)
  • Saves your usage data (if you opt in)
  • Backs up and syncs your bookmarks, notes, and preferences
  • Learn more about Sanford Guide Cloud and how to sign up here.

Will you sell my data or use it to spam me?

Absolutely not! We value your privacy and hate spam. Our collection of your data is governed by our Privacy Policy. Your data will only be used to help us optimize your experience, to provide you with evidence of use for auditing or expense justification purposes, and if you get your subscription from your employer, to help them optimize their antimicrobial stewardship efforts. You can view and download your usage at any time through a link on the app's Account screen. You also have the ability to easily opt into or out of our marketing emails, which we limit to one per month (at most).

How do I know whether I purchased through Apple, Google, or Sanford Guide?

As you may be aware, both Apple and Google charge us substantial fees for subscriptions sold through their stores. Discounted subscriptions are available by purchasing directly from the Sanford Guide store (vs in-app through Apple or Google). Auto-renewing subscriptions are now available through our web site, Apple and Google.

Download the current versions of the app that guide you through the upgrade process. Once you're on the new app, go to the Account screen and if you see "Manage Subscription. Tap to manage in App Store," this means your subscription is through Apple or Google.

I still have questions. Can you help me?

Of course! Please feel free to give us a call during business hours (M-F, 9-5 US ET) or use this form to contact tech support and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. We want to make sure that this upgrade is easy for all of our customers, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.