Solutions for Pharmacists

Solutions for Pharmacists


Concise, reliable information when you need it most...

Pharmacists, pharmacy students, and pharmacy technicians rely on The Sanford Guide for anti-infective drug information they can trust. Designed to minimize time to answer while maximizing transparency, The Sanford Guide provides information on pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, dosing adjustments for special populations, drug-drug interactions and more, making it an indispensable resource for today's clinical pharmacist. Pharmacists involved in antimicrobial stewardship efforts will benefit from the ability to integrate local recommendations and antibiograms into our digital platforms using Stewardship Assist, or from accessing Sanford Guide content via the VigiLanz clinical surveillance platform.

The Sanford Guide provides:

  • A clear and dependable source of primary and alternative regimens
  • Specific recommendations for initiation, dose, duration, and de-escalation of therapy
  • Color-coded spectra of activity (w/ local antibiograms for Stewardship Assist customers)
  • Interactive tables for pediatric dosing,  pregnancy dosing, renal impairment dosing, pharmacology, enzyme and transporter-mediated interactions, and other topics
  • Calculators and algorithms to expedite your work
  • Regularly updated information based on the best available evidence, curated by a geographically diverse team of ID experts

Print Guides

The Sanford Guide has been the go-to ID reference for generations of pharmacists, and is still available in its classic print format. Over the years, we have added two additional book sizes, and now provide our Spectra of Activity tables in color for increased ease of use. Order yours today.

Digital Subscriptions

Updated each month with the latest available evidence, our digital subscriptions provide pharmacists with concise and reliable anti-infective drug information. Content is available on the web, on your mobile device, and on your desktop. Follow the link below or contact customer service for detailed information.