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Sanford Guide All Access Subscription

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App & Sanford Guide for Web Combined Subscription

Sanford Guide All Access provides a discounted 1-year subscription to Sanford Guide for Web, the Sanford Guide mobile app, and the Sanford Guide U.S. Vaccine Guidelines. With all the information you've come to expect from our print guides, greatly expanded digital-only content, and interactive calculators (including our Vancomycin AUC24 Calculator), algorithms, and tables, Sanford Guide All Access is an indispensable resource for today's medical professionals.

Full text search provides fast access, detailed search results, and highlighted search terms, while intuitive menus provide another way to navigate our extensive content collection. The Sanford Guide mobile app also provides user-created bookmarks and notes, allowing you to access content according to the way you work. Sanford Guide digital content is updated on an ongoing basis, so you'll always have access to the latest information.

Apps are optimized for Android 11 and above, and iOS 15 and above.

Topics Covered

  • Syndromes / Diseases
    • Organized by site of infection
  • Pathogens
    • Bacterial
    • Fungal
    • Mycobacterial
    • Parasitic
    • Viral
    • Patient Evaluation
    • Diagnosis
    • Resistance and Mutations
    • Antiretroviral Therapy
    • Antiretroviral Drug Information
    • Opportunistic Infections
  • Hepatitis
    • Hepatitis A
    • Hepatitis B
    • Hepatitis C
    • Hepatitis D
    • Hepatitis Immunization
  • Anti-infective Drugs
    • Antibacterial
    • Antifungal
    • Antimycobacterial
    • Antiparasitic
    • Antiviral
    • Antiretroviral
  • Prevention
    • Immunization
    • Surgical procedures
    • Dental procedures
    • Post-exposure prophylaxis
    • Transplants
    • U.S. Vaccine Guidelines
  • Tables and Tools
    • Activity spectra (bacterial, fungal, viral)
    • Vancomycin AUC24 Calculator (trapezoidal model)
    • Pharmacology
    • Drug-drug interactions
    • Renal dosing
    • Pediatric dosing (>=28 days)
    • Pregnancy risk categories
    • Use of antimicrobials during lactation
    • Dosing calculators (creatinine clearance, colistin dosing, etc)
    • Dosing tools (obesity, continuous / prolonged infusion, desensitization)
    • Many more...

Key Features

  • App works on devices running Android (8.1+) or iOS (13.6+), with internet connectivity required only for monthly updates and external links.
  • Sanford Guide for Web may be accessed from any computer with an internet connection.
  • Seamless integration of Antimicrobial Therapy, HIV/AIDS Therapy, and Hepatitis Therapy digital material.
  • Daily updates with the latest evidence.
  • Extensive internal links to related content.
  • External links to medical literature references.
  • Interactive features, such as dosing calculators and algorithms.

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Product Content Included Access Methods License Types Customization with Antibiograms and Stewardship Recommendations  
Sanford Guide App Core Content iPhone, iPad, Android Individual, Site License No Learn More
Sanford Guide U.S. Vaccine Guidelines U.S. Vaccine Guidelines iPhone, iPad, Android Individual only No Learn More
Sanford Guide for Web Core Content + U.S. Vaccine Guidelines Web Individual, Multi-seat, Site License No Learn More
Sanford Guide All Access (App & Web) Core Content + U.S. Vaccine Guidelines iPhone, iPad, Android, Web Individual, Site License No Learn More
Sanford Guide with Stewardship Assist (App & Web) Core Content + U.S. Vaccine Guidelines iPhone, iPad, Android, Web Site License Yes Learn More