Sanford Guide Celebrates 50 Years of Antimicrobial Stewardship

Antimicrobial stewardship since 1969
Sperryville, VA – Sanford Guide, the leading reference for the treatment of infectious diseases, celebrates its fiftieth year in 2019 with a renewed focus on providing clinically actionable guidance through digital platforms. While the company continues to update its ubiquitous print guides annually, advances in technology have enabled the development of market-leading mobile apps, a content delivery API, customizable apps for antimicrobial stewardship guidelines, a responsive web platform, and other tools that provide continually updated information to clinicians at the point of care.

In an effort to facilitate the adoption and use of local guidelines and antibiograms, Sanford Guide recently developed Stewardship Assistâ„¢, an innovative tool that enables antimicrobial stewardship programs to disseminate guidelines via web and app in real time. Paired with Sanford Guide’s comprehensive information, these local guidelines improve patient care and facilitate the appropriate use of antibiotics.

With the launch of the Sanford Guide API in 2017, guidelines became available through electronic health records, clinical surveillance platforms, diagnostic lab reports, and other healthcare IT packages. Serving Sanford Guide content in real time, Sanford Guide API provides guidelines seamlessly integrated within the clinical workflow.

At its inception in 1969, Sanford Guide creator Jay P. Sanford, M.D. had little idea of the impact his seminal reference guide would have for generations of health care providers. What began as a series of tables that would describe and compare the newer antibiotics available in the late 1960s evolved over time into the expansive resource relied upon by over a million practitioners worldwide.

Sanford Guide remains a family-owned enterprise and collaborative effort, integrating the expertise of its nine-member editorial board and the many practitioners around the world who contact us each year with questions and comments. David N. Gilbert, M.D., the longest-serving member of the Sanford Guide editorial board, expressed the sentiment best when he described his service on the editorial board as “a rare and humbling privilege for which I am eternally grateful.” “Our mission in 2019 remains true to the original purpose in 1969: to provide health care professionals with concise, accessible guidance for making appropriate treatment decisions in an increasingly complex world” said Jeb C. Sanford, Managing Editor. The Sanford Guide team takes great pride in the company’s work over the past fifty years, and looks forward to continued success in the next fifty.

Press Contact: Scott Kelly, Vice President, 540-987-9480