Sanford Guide Announces Integration with Wise Diagnostic Systems

Sperryville, VA – Sanford Guide® announces the availability of its industry-leading infectious diseases guidelines through lab reports generated by Wise Diagnostic Systems. This new integration, facilitated by Sanford Guide’s content delivery API, links to pertinent Sanford Guide content directly from the report to help guide appropriate antimicrobial selection and dosing.

Wise Diagnostic Systems, a state-of-the-art molecular laboratory focused on infectious disease testing, offers comprehensive panels that detect a broad range of pathogens and common antibiotic resistance using PCR technology. The new interface with Sanford Guide content ensures clinicians quickly receive accurate results that include the most up to date pathogen information and therapy options for infectious diseases.

The Wise Diagnostic Systems interface with Sanford Guide represents the next logical iteration in laboratory diagnostics. By providing accurate and rapid PCR based results coupled with Sanford Guide recommendations, Wise Diagnostic Systems results provide not only clear, concise and actionable lab results, but also the most current antimicrobial therapy guidelines to support sound clinical decisions. “Coupled together, these facilitate better patient outcomes while fostering antibiotic stewardship,” notes Scott Brady, CEO and Founder of Wise Diagnostic Systems.

The growth in real-time integrations with Sanford Guide demonstrates the ease with which trusted guidelines can be incorporated into the clinical workflow using the Sanford Guide API. Since releasing the API in 2017, Sanford Guide content has been made available to tens of thousands of practitioners through clinical surveillance platforms and laboratory information systems. Providing information that is accessible, concise, and reliable, the API furthers Sanford Guide’s mission by reducing time-to-answer and providing guidance when it is needed most.

About Wise Diagnostic Systems
Veteran owned and operated, Wise Diagnostic Systems offers practical diagnostics to help clinicians achieve better patient outcomes. Through its state-of-the-art laboratory, Wise Diagnostic Systems provides FDA approved molecular testing platforms that achieve better sensitivity and specificity than conventional methodologies.

About Sanford Guide
Since 1969, Sanford Guide has been a leader in point-of-care recommendations for the treatment of infectious diseases. Widely used by pharmacists, physicians, physician assistants, and nurses, Sanford Guide helps to improve patient care by providing carefully curated recommendations based on the latest evidence. Sanford Guide takes pride in responsiveness to customers, the development of innovative solutions, and providing content that is unparalleled in quality and clinical applicability.