Sanford Guide releases stewardship solution

Stewardship Assist LogoAs the world’s most trusted source for guidance in the treatment of infectious diseases, The Sanford Guide has been a leader in promoting antimicrobial stewardship, providing clinicians with the tools they need to improve patient outcomes through wise use of antimicrobial agents. While The Sanford Guide has always provided outstanding content with accurate, concise, and reliable recommendations, disseminating locally-focused stewardship information to prescribers in a way that is convenient for them and simple for the stewardship team has presented a challenge for many stewardship programs. With this in mind, The Sanford Guide is pleased to announce the release of Stewardship Assist™, which leverages The Sanford Guide’s popular mobile and web platforms to provide stewardship messaging at the point of care.

Designed to allow stewardship teams to update and deploy their antibiograms and recommendations in minutes, Stewardship Assist™ empowers stewardship programs to provide information that is convenient, current, and local. Sanford Guide with Stewardship Assist™ allows Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs to:

  • Display institutional susceptibility/resistance data in a user-friendly antibiogram similar to the Sanford Guide Spectra of Activity.
  • Add localized stewardship recommendations for each organism/antibiotic interaction on the Spectra of Activity.
  • Develop separate antibiograms for different wards and facilities.
  • Display institution-specific stewardship recommendations at the top of Sanford Guide content pages.
  • Disseminate stewardship recommendations through web and mobile app platforms without the need for in-house development or IT support.
  • Reduce costs associated with medical error, inappropriate prescribing, and the need for pharmacy follow-up on targeted cases.

To schedule a demo or learn more about Sanford Guide with Stewardship Assist™, please visit