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Open House Archive

In fall of 2022, our staff and Editorial Board hosted an open house to connect with providers across the world. Below are a few highlights.

Opening Event: COVID-19 Panel Discussion

Join members of the Sanford Guide editorial board for an interactive panel discussion around the latest developments in SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 testing and treatment. Panelists include Dr. Helen Boucher, Dr. Kami Kim, and Dr. Michael Saag.

Sanford Guide with Stewardship Assist Demo

Join us for a demo of Sanford Guide's enterprise solutions, including Stewardship Assist, an innovative add-on that allows hospitals and health systems to incorporate their guidelines and antibiograms into the Sanford Guide digital platforms without the need for IT expertise. We are joined by Priya Nori MD, who uses Stewardship Assist at her health system, to share insights about best practices and answer questions from the client perspective.

Sanford Guide in the Academic Setting

Join us for a discussion surrounding how Sanford Guide's digital solutions are being utilized in medical and pharmacy training programs. We'll begin with a quick demo of Sanford Guide's digital solutions, after which Doug Black PharmD and Rhonda Arthur DNP will share their experiences using Sanford Guide in the academic environment. We'll also include information about Sanford Guide's enterprise licensing for academic institutions.