HIV/AIDS Therapy App

The Sanford Guide to HIV/AIDS Therapy mobile app provides detailed information on the diagnosis and management of HIV/AIDS and related syndromes. The app expands on the print edition of the Sanford Guide to HIV/AIDS Therapy, and reflects the current state of HIV medicine, including once-daily combination drugs for treatment of HIV-1 and revised protocols for the diagnosis and testing for HIV-1 and HIV-2. Organized by topic or navigable using our full-text search, the HIV/AIDS Therapy app includes comprehensive, concise, and reliable information for the practicing clinician.


Each one-year subscription includes monthly content updates, ensuring that you will always be referencing the most current information available. To bundle this content with our Antimicrobial Therapy and Hepatitis Therapy content, consider the Sanford Guide Collection app.


Subscriptions purchased at the Sanford Guide Online Store may be used on both iOS and Android mobile devices, while subscriptions purchased from the Apple App Store or Google Play will only work on the platform associated with that store.

Sanford Guide to HIV/AIDS Therapy App

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Topics Covered

  • HIV/AIDS Overview
    • Risk Assessment, Adult
    • Recommended Testing
    • Natural History
    • Clinical Staging
    • Women/Pregnancy
    • Fetus/Newborn
    • Children
  • Evaluation/Prevention
    • Initial Evaluation, Adult
    • Initial Evaluation, Child
    • HIV Post-exposure Management
    • Pre-exposure Prophylaxis
    • Immunization, Adult
    • Immunization, Child
    • Immunization, HIV +
    • Travel Considerations
  • Diagnostics/Resistance
    • Diagnosis/Testing Overview
    • EIA, Western Blot Tests
    • Rapid Antibody Tests
    • Combined Antigen/Antibody Tests
    • Viral Load Tests
    • CD4/CD8 Counts
    • Resistance Testing, Overview
    • Genotype Resistance Testing
    • Phenotype Resistance Testing
    • Primary/Acute HIV
    • HIV-2
    • HTLV Diagnosis & Testing
  • Treatment (ART)
    • ART Overview
    • ART in Adults
    • ART in Children
    • Complications of ART
    • HIV-2
  • Antiretroviral Agents
    • Overview
    • NRTIs
    • NNRTIs
    • Combination Formulations
    • Protease Inhibitors
    • Fuson Inhibitor
    • CCR-5 Antagonist
    • Integrase Inhibitors
    • Overlapping Toxicities
    • ARV Drug-Drug Interactions
    • Cost Comparison
    • Drugs in Development
  • HIV-related Syndromes
    • Immune Reconstitution (IRIS)
    • ART: Effect on Specific OIs
    • Clinical Syndromes, OIs in Children
    • HIV/AIDS-associated Malignancies
    • Differential Diagnosis: HIV-related Syndromes