Print Guides

Print Guides


The Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy

The classic Sanford Guide is now available in three sizes, with full-color spectra of activity for improved ease of use.

The Sanford Guide to HIV/AIDS Therapy

The Sanford Guide to HIV/AIDS Therapy

Providing practical guidance in the treatment of HIV and AIDS since 1992.  Coverage includes ARV drugs, resistance, therapy, and more.

The Sanford Guide to Hepatitis Therapy 2016-2017

The Sanford Guide to Hepatitis Therapy

In the ever-changing world of hepatitis treatment, this pocket reference serves as an invaluable tool for clinicians.

Lederman's Internal Medicine & Critical Care Pocketguide

Lederman's Internal Medicine & Critical Care Pocketguide

This rapid reference guide includes a cornucopia of useful clinical information designed for residents and internists.