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Sanford Guide Announces Collaboration with CDC

Posted by Sanford Guide on Jun 15th 2023

For immediate release:

Sanford Guide is excited to announce a recent collaboration with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that aims to increase the availability and utility of public health data. Working with the CDC’s National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System (NARMS) program, Sanford Guide has converted publicly available antimicrobial resistance data into user-friendly antibiograms that are available free of charge to all users of the Sanford Guide mobile app, and to subscribers to Sanford Guide’s Web Edition

While Sanford Guide has a long history of collaborating with professional organizations, state health departments, and governmental agencies outside the U.S. to disseminate their guidelines, this is the first such collaboration with a federal agency in the United States. “Sanford Guide is delighted to be working with the CDC to increase the accessibility, utility, and visibility of these public health resources,” said Sanford Guide COO Scott Kelly. 

NARMS data, which are ordinarily reported as resistance values, have been recalculated to show susceptibility and are presented as antibiograms. These antibiograms are supplemented by a concise user guide, developed by the NARMS team, to provide guidance on the interpretation of these public health data, highlighting the key differences between these antibiograms and an antibiogram which might be developed at an individual facility. “Working closely with the NARMS team and through an iterative process, our focus was to translate this data into a format which is more familiar and easily interpreted by clinicians,” said Sanford Guide AMS Manager Ann Lloyd. 

In addition to the NARMS data, Sanford Guide also includes numerous quick links to CDC resources, including patient education flyers, current outbreak lists, and information about emerging drug-resistance patterns. Both the antibiograms and the quick links are available through the Sanford Guide mobile app under the “Add-Ons” menu, and under the Sanford Guide Web Edition’s “Regional Guidelines” directory. 

Through this and other collaborations with public health agencies, Sanford Guide builds upon the utility of its industry-leading platforms while simultaneously providing clinicians with improved access to valuable information. The Sanford Guide team looks forward to building upon its relationship with the CDC and developing new relationships with other public health agencies in the U.S. and around the world.