Antimicrobial Stewardship

Antimicrobial Stewardship

A leader in antimicrobial stewardship since 1969

For 50 years, The Sanford Guide has been a leading antimicrobial stewardship resource, aiding prescribers in administering the right drug in the right dose at the right time. With innovative new tools and partnerships with other leaders in the industry, we offer ever more powerful solutions that improve patient outcomes, reduce costs, and aid in the stewardship of antimicrobial agents.

Let Sanford Guide take the hassle out of developing and managing your antimicrobial stewardship app!


Through our top-rated mobile and web platforms, institutions can:

  • Display local antibiograms with interactive links.
  • Display local guidelines at the top of any Sanford Guide content page.
  • Share files and guidelines for download or printing.

All without the need for support from your IT team!

Receiving the top overall satisfaction rating in the KLAS Research “Antimicrobial Stewardship 2017” performance report and Best in KLAS ratings in both the Infection Control and Clinical Decision Support-Surveillance categories, VigiLanz leverages real-time monitoring of thousands of patient care data elements to help improve medication safety, antimicrobial stewardship, infection prevention, quality and care management, and patient safety. Sanford Guide is pleased to partner with VigiLanz to offer an integrated solution that pairs trusted clinical treatment recommendations with top-rated clinical surveillance tools.