Lederman App Support

Lederman App Support

How do I get Lederman's Internal Medicine Guide for my phone or tablet?

  • The sixth edition of Lederman's Internal Medicine & Critical Care is available as a one-time purchase from both the Apple App Store and Google Play. Note that subscriptions purchased from Apple may only be used on iPhones and iPads, while subscriptions purchased from Google Play may only be used on Android devices.

How long is the subscription period?

  • Unlike the other Sanford Guide apps, the Lederman guide is a one-time purchase and not a subscription. Content will be updated periodically to correct any errors or bugs, but should be considered static, similar to a print publication.

Why can't access the app?

  • Be sure that your purchase corresponds to the type of device you are using. Purchases made through the Apple App Store may only be used on iOS devices. Purchases made through Google Play may only be used on Android devices.
  • If you recently purchased your guide from Google, and have switched to iOS, contact Sanford Guide Customer Service and we can provide a refund so you can purchase from Apple. If you recently purchased from Apple, but have switched to Android devices, you will need to contact Apple directly. Apple does not provide a means by which we are able to refund purchases.
  • Contact technical support if you continue to experience difficulties.

Can I install the guide on multiple devices?

  • Purchases made through Apple or Google may be installed on any device using the same Apple ID or Google Play account, but will only work on the platform from which they were purchased (Apple purchases will only work on iPhone and iPad, Google Play purchases will only work on Android).

How do I use the bookmark and notes feature?

  • You may bookmark content pages to create a custom index and add personal notes to your bookmarks.
  • Bookmarks may be accessed by selecting "Bookmarks" from the drop-down menu.
  • Bookmark a page by tapping the small ribbon outline at the top right of the screen. You may add notes in the Notes field. Tap Save.
  • The Edit button allows you delete bookmarks no longer needed.

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